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Johann Christian Ludwig (Louis) Abeille (20 February 1761 in Bayreuth – 2 March 1838 in Stuttgart) was a German pianist and composer.

His father was baronial valet in Bayreuth. He was educated at the Karlsschule in Stuttgart where his teachers were Antonio Boroni, Ferdinando Mazzanti, and Johann Gottlieb Sämann. In 1782, he became member of the musicians of the Court; in 1802, he became concertmaster and later organist of the Court. He retired in 1832.

He wrote several folk songs, concerts, and two operas, Amor und Psyche and Peter und Ännchen, in the same style as Mozart. Abeille also wrote two sonatas for keyboard with accompanying violin (1783) as well as several instrumental works.[1]


Abeille wrote piano, chamber and vocal music and also the musical plays 'Cupid and Psyche', and 'Peter and Aennchen'.


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