Ludwig Traube
Ludwig Traube

Ludwig Traube (June 19, 1861 – May 19, 1907) was a paleographer and held the first chair of Medieval Latin in Germany (at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich). He was a son of the physician Ludwig Traube (1818–1876), and the brother of the chemist Margarete Traube (1856–1912).[1]

Traube was born in Berlin, the son of a middle-class Jewish family, and studied at the universities of Munich and Greifswald. In 1883 he finished his Ph.D. with a dissertation entitled Varia libamenta critica. He finished his habilitation in classical and medieval philology in 1888 with a part of his book on Carolingian poetry (Karolingische Dichtungen).[2]

In 1897 he became a member of the central management of Monumenta Germaniae Historica. In 1902 he was appointed professor of Latin philology of the Middle Ages at Munich.[3] In 1905 he discovered that he had leukemia, from which he died two years later.[4]

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