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MK-1TS Micron (Ukrainian: МС-1-ТК Мікрон) is a small Ukrainian microsatellite manufactured by Yuzhmash. MK-1TS was launched on December 24, 2004, at 13:20 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome (Russia) using a Cyclone-3 launch vehicle together with Sich-1M satellite.[1] Both satellites were placed into incorrect orbits due to premature third stage cutoff.

The satellite was active until September 30, 2005.[2]


MK-1TS had a small on-board camera (MBTC-VD), to provide digital optical-electronic images in the panchromatic range.[3] One of its tasks was to work out a new system of orientation on the base of a magnetometer and electromagnets without using auxiliary devices.[4]

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