Broadcast areaNetherlands & Belgium
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)[1]
OwnerParamount Networks EMEAA
Sister channelsMTV 80s
MTV 90s
MTV 00s
MTV Hits
MTV Live
Comedy Central
Comedy Central Extra
Nick Jr.
Paramount Network
Launched1 August 1987; 35 years ago (1987-08-01) (Pan-European MTV)
12 September 2000; 22 years ago (2000-09-12) (Dutch version of MTV)
ReplacedMTV Europe
Former namesMTV NL
WebsiteOfficial site
DigitenneChannel 13 (HD)
Streaming media
Ziggo (Europe only)

MTV Nederland and België is a Dutch speaking free-to-cable television channel broadcasting in the Netherlands. It launched as MTV NL on 12 September 2000. Before the start of country-specific channels, the Pan-European version of MTV aired in the Netherlands.

The channel is broadcast from a Paramount Networks EMEAA office in Amsterdam, but it uses since january 1, 2022 a broadcast licence from Czech Republic in order not to have obligations under Netherlands medialaw.


The European MTV began its services on 1 August 1987. The channel was a joint venture between Viacom, British Telecom and Robert Maxwell. It kicked off in Denmark, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In the early 90s Viacom became the sole owner of MTV by buying the shares of British Telecom and Robert Maxwell.[2] At the end of the 90s MTV Europe began to regionalize its MTV feeds. On 12 September 2000 the localized MTV NL started.[3]

On 14 May 2009 MTV launched its first HD channel in the Netherlands. MTVN HD started on the Caiway cable network and on CanalDigitaal satellite TV.[4] In 2010 followed by the larger cable network UPC Netherlands (3 May).[5] The N stood for Nickelodeon. The channel combined the programs of MTV and Nickelodeon.

On 1 July 2011 MTVN HD changed into MTV Live HD, dropping the programs of Nickelodeon because in many European countries a separate HD-simulcast of Nickelodeon began.[6] In September of that same year Ziggo added MTV Live HD to its line-up.[7]

In Spring of 2012 MTV introduced HD-simulcasts of MTV NL and Comedy Central. On April 3 MTV HD started at UPC Netherlands replacing MTV Live HD.[8] In September 2012 KPN followed.[9]

In Spring 2021, both MTV Netherlands and MTV Belgium were merged into the one channel with localised advertising and sponsorship for both territories. However, both countries are served by separate social media sites and share the same website

Since 1 January 2022 MTV Netherlands operates with a tv-licence from Czech Republic.[10] Before the channel used a Dutch licence.[11]

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