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MTV Hits
Broadcast area
Picture format576i/480i SDTV
OwnerParamount Networks EMEAA
Sister channelsMTV
Club MTV
MTV Live
MTV 80s
MTV 90s
MTV 00s
Launched27 May 2014; 10 years ago (2014-05-27)
ReplacedVIVA Hungary (Hungary)
MTV Hits (Latin America)
MTV Brand New (Germany & Netherlands)
MTV Music 24 (South Africa)
VH1 (Greece)
MTV Hits (Australia)
Closed17 November 2015; 8 years ago (17 November 2015) (France)
2 May 2020; 4 years ago (2 May 2020) (Italy)
1 July 2021; 3 years ago (1 July 2021) (Russia)
31 October 2022; 20 months ago (31 October 2022) (South Africa)
Replaced byMTV Hits France (France)
Qwest TV (South Africa)
Zuku TV (Kenya)Channel 752
Streaming media
Ziggo (Europe only)

MTV Hits is a 24-hour pop music pay television channel from Paramount Networks EMEAA launched on 27 May 2014. The channel is widely available throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.[1]



MTV Hits is a non-advertisement channel, dedicated to worldwide songs from 10s era and beyond. Occasionally, in special segments, songs from 00s and earlier eras can also be seen. (Since February 2023, songs from the 00s have been appearing in several programs, e.g. Party Hits!)

Since VH1 Europe's closure, MTV Hits began creating new segments - top 50, artists' greatest hits, programmes dedicated to the day/month's theme - to fit in for the previous programming of that channel.


Regular programming

Daily specials

Top 50


Yearly events

Valentine's Day[edit]

Women's Day[edit]

Europe Day[edit]

Pride Month[edit]

New Year[edit]


August 2022[edit]
September 2022[edit]
October 2022[edit]
November 2022[edit]
September 2021[edit]
October 2021[edit]







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