Македонска Втора Лига
Macedonian Second League
Country North Macedonia
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid2
Promotion to1. MFL
Relegation to3. MFL
Domestic cup(s)Macedonian Football Cup
Current championsVoska Sport (1st title)
Most championshipsBregalnica
Makedonija G.P.
(3 titles)
Current: 2023–24

The Macedonian Second Football League (Macedonian: Втора македонска Фудбалска Лига, Vtora Makedonska Fudbalska Liga; also called Macedonian Second League, 2. MFL and Vtora Liga) is the second-highest professional football competition in North Macedonia.

The competition is contested by 16 clubs,[1] playing each other 2 times over 30 rounds. At the end of the season, the winner of the league along with the 2nd placed team will gain promotion to the Macedonian First League, while the 3rd placed team will go into a play-off against the 10th placed team in the Macedonian First League.

2023–24 member clubs


Winning clubs

Macedonian Second League's former logo


Note: Bold indicates clubs that was promoted to the Macedonian First League.

Season Division Champions Runners-up Third place
1992–93 United Ljuboten Karaorman Skopje
1993–94 East Kozhuf Bregalnica Shtip Prvi Partizan
West Ohrid Metalurg Skopje Teteks
1994–95 East Pobeda Valandovo Kumanovo Bregalnica Shtip
West Makedonija Skopje Shkëndija Arachinovo Gostivar (1919)
1995–96 East Bregalnica Shtip Borec Plachkovica Jaka
West Shkëndija Napredok Shkëndija Arachinovo
1996–97 East Borec Osogovo Bregalnica Delchevo
West Skopje Karaorman Teteks
1997–98 East Osogovo Kumanovo Jaka Radovish
West Rabotnichki Jugohrom Teteks
1998–99 East Kumanovo Belasica Bashkimi
West Napredok Teteks Ohrid
1999–00 East Belasica Sloga Vinica Bashkimi
West Shkëndija Karaorman Teteks
2000–01 United Kumanovo Napredok Jugohrom
2001–02 United Tikvesh Bregalnica Delchevo Bashkimi
2002–03 United Bashkimi Madjari Solidarnost Teteks
2003–04 United Bregalnica Shtip Shkëndija 79 Skopje
2004–05 United Vëllazërimi Renova Makedonija GP
2005–06 United Pelister Napredok Karaorman
2006–07 United Milano Cementarnica 55 Teteks
2007–08 United Turnovo Metalurg Miravci
2008–09 United Teteks Sloga Jugomagnat Shkëndija
2009–10 United Shkëndija Skopje Napredok
2010–11 United 11 Oktomvri Ohrid Tikvesh
2011–12 United Pelister Drita Gorno Lisiche
2012–13 United Makedonija GP Gostivar Skopje
2013–14 United Sileks Teteks Skopje
2014–15 United Shkupi Mladost Carev Dvor Gostivar
2015–16 United Pobeda Makedonija GP Pelister
2016–17 United Akademija Pandev Skopje Novaci
2017–18 East Belasica Borec Bregalnica Shtip
West Makedonija GP Gostivar Vëllazërimi 77
2018–19 East Borec Tikvesh Bregalnica Shtip
West Struga Labunishta Pelister
2019–20 None awarded, Belasica and Pelister were promoted
2020–21 East Bregalnica Shtip Tikvesh Kit-Go
West Skopje Ohrid Veleshta
2021–22 East Pobeda Belasica Sloga 1934
West Sileks Voska Sport Vardar
2022–23 United Voska Sport Gostivar Vardar


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