Alternative namesMatse
CourseDessert or snack
Place of originPhilippines
Region or stateSanta Rosa and Biñan, Laguna
Serving temperatureRoom temperature
Main ingredientsGlutinous rice, sugar, pandan, grated coconut
Similar dishesMoche, Masi, Buchi, Palitaw

Mache or matse are glutinous rice balls flavored with coconut and pandan from the province of Laguna, Philippines. It is made from galapong (ground soaked glutinous rice) shaped into little balls and boiled in sweetened water with pandan leaves. It is then rolled in grated coconut or powdered sugar. The resulting dish is characteristically light green in color due to the pandan extracts.[1][2][3]

Other versions of the dish do not use pandan and are very similar to the Kapampangan moche and Cebuano masi.[4][5]

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