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Clinical data
Trade namesMacrilen
Other namesAib-Trp-gTrp-CHO; AEZS-130; JMV 1843; Macimorelin acetate
AHFS/Drugs.comProfessional Drug Facts
License data
Routes of
By mouth
ATC code
Legal status
Legal status
Pharmacokinetic data
MetabolismHepatic (CYP3A4-mediated)
Elimination half-life4.1 hours
  • 2-Amino-N-[(2R)-1-[[(1R)-1-formamido-2-(1H-indol-3-yl)ethyl]amino]-3-1H-indol-3-yl)-1-oxopropan-2-yl]-2-methylpropanamide
CAS Number
PubChem CID
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass474.565 g·mol−1
3D model (JSmol)
  • CC(C)(C(=O)N[C@H](CC1=CNC2=CC=CC=C21)C(=O)N[C@H](CC3=CNC4=CC=CC=C43)NC=O)N
  • InChI=1S/C26H30N6O3/c1-26(2,27)25(35)31-22(11-16-13-28-20-9-5-3-7-18(16)20)24(34)32-23(30-15-33)12-17-14-29-21-10-6-4-8-19(17)21/h3-10,13-15,22-23,28-29H,11-12,27H2,1-2H3,(H,30,33)(H,31,35)(H,32,34)/t22-,23-/m1/s1

Macimorelin (INN) – or Macrilen (trade name) – is a drug that was developed by Æterna Zentaris for use in the diagnosis of adult growth hormone deficiency.[2] Macimorelin acetate, the salt formulation, is a synthetic growth hormone secretagogue receptor agonist.[3] It is a growth hormone secretagogue receptor (ghrelin receptor) agonist causing release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.[4][5][6]Macimorelin acetate is described chemically as D-Tryptophanamide, 2-methylalanyl-N-[(1R)-1-(formylamino)-2-(1H-indol-3-yl)ethyl]-acetate.

Macimorelin (Macrilen™) was invented and first synthesized by the research group of Professor Martinez at University of Montpellier, Centre National de la Recherche Scientitifique (CNRS), France.[7][8][9] This transpired from a long-lasting research collaboration with Aeterna Zentaris. Aeterna Zentaris later in-licensed macimorelin as a development candidate from the CNRS and proceeded with the pre-clinical and clinical development of the compound.

As of January 2014, it was in Phase III clinical trials.[10] The phase III trial for growth hormone deficiency is expected to be complete in December 2016.[11]

As of December 2017, it became FDA-approved as a method to diagnose growth hormone deficiency.[12] [13]Traditionally, growth hormone deficiency was diagnosed via means of insulin tolerance test (IST) or glucagon stimulation test (GST). These two means are done parenterally, whereas Macrilen boasts an oral formulation for ease of administration for patients and providers.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers it to be a first-in-class medication.[14]

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