Madikheda Dam
View of Madikheda Dam from down stream
Madikheda Dam is located in India
Madikheda Dam
Location of Madikheda Dam in India
Official nameMadikheda (Mohini Sagar) Dam
LocationMadikheda, Shivpuri District, Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates25°33′20″N 77°51′10″E / 25.55556°N 77.85278°E / 25.55556; 77.85278
Construction began1978
Opening date2008
Operator(s)Water Resources Department, Madhya Pradesh
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsSindh River
Height62 m
Length1070 m
CreatesMadikheda Reservoir

Madikheda Dam is a multi-purpose dam situated in Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh, India. Before independence it comes under control of Rajpoot chiefs of Raipur Dhamkan a seat of Thakur who comes from Pawaiya Chauhan clan. Chauhans of Raipur were dominating chiefs of former Narwar zila. Thakur sahib Shree Niranjan singhji Pawaiya was the last Chief of Raipur dhamkan succeeded by his son Shree Parikshit singhji , Later Shree Parikshit singhji settled madikheda and became first chieftain or Pradhan of Madikheda along with some other villages of the Raipur Dhamkan. He issued two sons Shree Pran singhji and Shree Jihan singhji. Thakur sahib Lambardar Shree Jihan singhji Pawaiya was the last pradhan or chieftain of Madikheda. the former village of Madikheda was affected by dam project on Sindh river with many other villages on the bank of river in 1975 -1977.


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