Magaguadavic River gorge in St. George
Magaguadavic River gorge in St. George

The Magaguadavic River (/ˌmæɡəˈdvɪk/ mag-ə-DAY-vik;[1] French: Rivière Magaguadavic) is an historic Canadian river located in the province of New Brunswick.

The name "Magaguadavic" is a Maliseet / Passamaquoddy term that is believed to translate into "River of Eels".


With a meander length of 129 km (80 mi), the Magaguadavic River is the sixth longest river in the province. It rises as an outlet of Magaguadavic Lake in York County, flowing south through a low coastal mountain range called the St. Croix Highlands before emptying into Passamaquoddy Bay, a sub-basin of the Bay of Fundy.

The river has 103 named tributaries and 55 lakes draining a watershed measuring 1,812 km2 (700 sq mi).

One of the tributaries drains Lake Utopia into the river and is formally named "The Canal". Occasionally if water levels in the river are high enough, the Magaguadavic will drain into Lake Utopia through The Canal first, before eventually reversing course to drain back through The Canal and discharging into Passamaquoddy Bay.


The river passes through the following communities from north to south:

York County
Charlotte County

* denotes estuary portion


There are several bridges and one dam crossing the Magaguadavic River, from north to south:

The Canal is crossed by a single bridge:

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Coordinates: 45°07′23″N 66°52′31″W / 45.12296°N 66.875367°W / 45.12296; -66.875367