Magician from Mars
From Amazing-Man Comics #11 (April 1940)
Art by John Giunta and Michael Mirando
Publication information
PublisherCentaur Publications
First appearanceAmazing-Man Comics #7 (November 1939)
Created byJohn Giunta
Malcolm Kildale
In-story information
Alter egoJane 6EM35

The Magician from Mars is a Golden Age superheroine created by John Giunta and Malcolm Kildale for Centaur Publications' Amazing-Man Comics.[1] She's a half-human/half-Martian who gains superpowers,[2] including telekinesis and the ability to wish things into existence, after accidentally being exposed to cathode rays. Her real name is Jane Gem35.[3]

She travels to Earth, and steals three million dollars in gold. She gives half of the money to a doctor fighting childhood paralysis, and keeps the other half.[4] Then she decides to use her powers for crime-fighting, fighting villains such as the Hood.[5]

She was published in Amazing-Man Comics #7-11 (Nov 1939-Apr 1940), predating other Golden Age superheroines such as Fantomah and Wonder Woman.[6]


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