Mahlog State
Princely State
Late 16th century–1948
• 1901
127 km2 (49 sq mi)
• 1901
• Established
Late 16th century
Succeeded by

Mehlog or Mah(i)log was a princely state of India before and during the colonial British Raj. In 1940 it had a population of 8,631 and an area of 49 square miles (130 km2). The capital city was Patta.[1]

On 15 April 1948 Mahlog acceded to the Indian Union. Later it was merged into the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.


The native state of Mahlog was founded in 1183. Earlier its rulers were ruling near Kalka (in Haryana) when Mohamad Gauri attacked and they shifted to Mahlog area. The state began with 193 villages and forest land, but at the end over 300 villages were included in it. It was one of the biggest princely states of Simla Hill States under the British Raj. It was subject to Bilaspur State during the late 18th century. From 1803 to 1815 it was occupied by the Gurkhas of Nepal. Thereafter it became a British protectorate.[2]


The rulers of the state bore the title Thakur.[3]


.... 1801 Nahar Chand (d. 1801)
1801 1803 Sansar Chand (1st time) (d. 1849)  
1803 1815 occupied by Nepal
1815 1849 Sansar Chand (2nd time) (s.a.)
1849 1880 Dhalip Chand b. 1829 – d. 1880)
16 May 1880   16 Sep 1902   Raghunath Chand (b. 1861/66 – d. 1902) (personal style Rana)
1902 16 Dec 1934 Durga Chand (b. 1898 – d. 1934)
16 Dec 1934 15 Aug 1947 Narindar Chand (b. 1921 – d. 2011)
16 Dec 2011 Lalitender Chand


Mahlog Palace, Patta, Solan,
View of Palace and fort of Mahlog State, under Simla Hill States ,Himachal Pradesh,India
General information
Architectural styleRajput Palaces and Forts
Town or cityPatta, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.
ClientRana lalitender chand
Technical details
Structural systemSmall bricks ,cemented


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