The Maikulan were an indigenous Australian people of the state of Queensland. They have sometimes been confused with the Maithakari.


According to an earlier resident of the area, the tribal autonym referred to the native brushturkey.[1]


Norman Tindale calculated that they had roughly 7,600 square miles (20,000 km2) of territory, from the middle Norman, Yappar and Clara rivers northwards to Milgarra. Their eastern boundary lay near the Gregory Range,[a] while the western frontier was at Iffley and Canobie.[2][3]

History of contact

With the onset of white settlement, the tribe's demographic statistics suggested an original population of some 400 people. Within two decades, the numbers had been halved, with 200 remaining, as a result of what one observer stated was 'the rifle and syphilis'.[1] A branch of the Maikulan soon shifted down the Norman River to settle around Normanton, which misled some early reports to take them to be indigenous to the latter area.[2]

Alternative names

Source: Tindale 1974, p. 180

Some words

Source: Lamond 1886, p. 324


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