The Main Range of the Snowy Mountains
Kosciuszko Townsend.jpg
The southern part of the Main Range, looking towards Mount Kosciuszko with the Ramshead Range in the background.
Highest point
PeakMount Kosciuszko
Elevation2,228 m (7,310 ft)
Coordinates36°27′S 148°16′E / 36.450°S 148.267°E / -36.450; 148.267Coordinates: 36°27′S 148°16′E / 36.450°S 148.267°E / -36.450; 148.267
RegionNew South Wales

The section of the Great Dividing Range between the Ramshead Range and Dicky Cooper Bogong in the Snowy Mountains is known as the Main Range. It can also be used more generally for the peaks (not necessarily on the Great Dividing Range) on or on short spurs off the range. It contains many of the highest peaks in mainland Australia. Some peaks on the Main Range include (from the south):

Topographic map of the Main Range.
Topographic map of the Main Range.

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