Directed byAlexander Abela
Written byAlexander Abela
Produced byAlexander Abela
StarringMartin Zia
Neoliny Dety
CinematographyAlexander Abela
Edited byDoug Bryson
Music byBien Rasoanan Tenaina
Distributed byEpicentre Films
Release date
  • 17 October 2001 (2001-10-17)
Running time
73 minutes
LanguagesMalagasy, English

Makibefo is a 1999 Malagasy black-and-white drama film written and directed by Alexander Abela. The director filmed the movie near the town of Faux Cap, Madagascar, with a single technical assistant. With the exception of an English-speaking narrator, all the roles are played by indigenous Antandroy people (few of whom had ever seen a movie before) who performed a largely improvised story based on William Shakespeare's Macbeth set in a remote fishing village.[1]


Two Antandroy men, Makibefo and Bakoua, encounter a witch doctor as they escort a prisoner across the desert back to their village. The witch doctor prophesizes a series of future events, including Makibefo's role as the destined king of his people. On their return to the village, Makibefo sees the witch doctor's prophecies begin to come true. He shares the prophecies with his wife, and she goads him into killing their king, Danikany. Makibefo becomes the new king, but ambition and fear drive him to kill others in the village that might threaten his position. He eventually faces a revolt by the families and friends of his victims.



Variety reviewed Makibefo positively, calling it "an entirely fresh response to Shakespeare that should attract both fans of the Bard and B&W cinema."[2]


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