Malabon Zoo
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Date opened1989 (1989)
LocationPotrero, Malabon, Metro Manila, Philippines
Coordinates14°39′49″N 120°58′58″E / 14.6635°N 120.9829°E / 14.6635; 120.9829Coordinates: 14°39′49″N 120°58′58″E / 14.6635°N 120.9829°E / 14.6635; 120.9829
OwnerMalabon Zoo Foundation
ManagementMalabon Zoo Foundation

The Malabon Zoo, Aquarium and Botanical Garden, commonly known as Malabon Zoo, is a zoo situated in Malabon, Metro Manila, Philippines.[1]


The Malabon Zoo first opened around 1989 and was founded by the Manny Tangco in Barangay Potrero in Malabon, Metro Manila. In March 2020, community quarantine measures imposed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of the zoo to the public and caused financial strain to the zoo's maintenance. This led Tangco launching an appeal for donations so he could still feed the zoo's animals, which was responded by various private and public personalities.[2][3] The zoo has since reopened on November 7, 2021.[4]


A tiger in Malabon Zoo
A tiger in Malabon Zoo

Malabon Zoo has developed a reputation for naming its individual animals after public figures including former and current politicians, actors and actresses, and other celebrities.[1][2] Among the animals kept in captivity include Bengal tigers, lions, bears, deer, orangutans, and snakes.[5][6][7]


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