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The Manchester Football Association (also known as the Manchester FA) is the governing body for association football in the centre of the city of Manchester, England. They are responsible for the governance and development of football at all levels in the area.[1]


Manchester Football Association aims to establish safe and structured football opportunities for the benefit of all concerned irrespective of age, colour, gender and ability. The MFA provide the appropriate structures and systems to enable the association to manage, regulate and promote the game of football within the County. This also enables them to assist with the development of the game at all levels, ensuring they are able to increase the quality and levels of participation across a broad spectrum of players, officials, parents and supporters in the County.

The administrative area covered by the Manchester FA and Lancashire County FA overlaps, in addition to Cheshire FA, Derbyshire FA and Liverpool County FA. According to the Memorandum on Areas and Overlapping of Associations the Manchester FA covers the area 12 miles from Manchester Town Hall.[2]

Manchester FA has relocated their Administration Headquarters to the Platt Lane Complex. The offices were opened at their new Headquarters in 2014.[3] Manchester FA relocated the Administration Headquarters again to the Manchester Tennis and Football Centre in the Etihad Campus, which was opened in May 2018.

Affiliated Leagues

Disbanded or Amalgamated Leagues

A number of leagues that were affiliated to the Manchester FA have disbanded or amalgamated with other leagues including:

Affiliated Member Clubs

Among the notable clubs that are affiliated to the Manchester FA are:

Clubs in the Premier League and The Football League that located in the Manchester area include:

Other clubs that are affiliated to the Manchester FA include:

County Cup Competitions

The Manchester FA run the following Cup Competitions:


List of Manchester Challenge Shield Winners


List of Manchester Intermediate Challenge Cup Winners

(Formerly Manchester Challenge Shield)


List of Manchester Premier Challenge Cup Winners

(Formerly Manchester Intermediate Challenge Cup)

Main article: Manchester Premier Cup


List of Manchester Junior Cup Winners


List of Manchester Challenge Trophy Winners

(Formerly Manchester Junior Cup)


List of Manchester Amateur Cup Winners


Directors & Officials


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    The Manchester Football Association is the guardian of our national game in Greater Manchester.

    In 2000 the inaugural Player of the Century was awarded to AFC Stanley goalkeeper Richard Taylor

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