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Manchow soup
Simple street-side Indian Chinese eatery version of Chicken Manchow Soup
Place of originIndia
Region or stateMeghalaya
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsVegetables, scallions
VariationsNon-vegetarian version with chicken, Jain version

Manchow soup is a soup popular in Indian Chinese cuisine due to its easy preparation and hot, spicy taste. It is available in many restaurants and street food carts. Although the soup is named after the Asian region of Manchuria, it does not resemble food that is normally found in the region. The origin of Manchow soup is Meghalaya.


It is a dark brown soup that is prepared with various vegetables, scallions, and chicken, thickened with broth and corn flour, and flavored with generous amounts of soy sauce, salt, garlic, chili peppers and, primarily, ginger. It may be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is garnished with chopped spring onions and served with crispy fried noodles.

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