Mandi State
मण्डी रियासत
Princely State of British India
Flag of Mandi
Chamba Kangra Bilaspur Mandi Kulu 1911.jpeg

Princely States of the Shimla Hills, Mandi in the south (1911)
• 1941
2,950 km2 (1,140 sq mi)
• 1941
• Established
Succeeded by
Today part ofHimachal Pradesh, India
Portrait of Ishwari Sen of Mandi
Portrait of Ishwari Sen of Mandi

Mandi State was a native state of British India, within the Punjab;[1] with Mandi, Himachal Pradesh as its capital. The state of Mandi (the name means "market" in Hindi), which included two towns and 3,625 villages, was part of the States of the Punjab Hills. It was located in the Himalayan range, bordering to the west, north, and east on the British Punjabi district of Kangra; to the south, on Suket; and to the southwest, on Bilaspur. As of 1941, population of Mandi State was 232,598 and area of the state was 1,139 square kilometres (440 sq mi).[2]


The predecessor state of Siokot was founded in 1527. Formerly part of the Kingdom of Suket in the Punjab Hills, the dynasty traditionally goes back to 765AD. In about 1100, Vijaya Sen had two sons, Sahu Sen who ruled over Suket and Bahu Sen who ruled over Kullu. Bahu Sen’s descendants emigrated to Kullu until the tenth descendant, Kabakha Sen was killed by the Raja of Kullu and his son had to flee to Siokot, not very far from the present city of Mandi which was founded during Ajbar Sen’s rule. The last Rajput ruler of Mandi signed the accession to the Indian Union thus being incorporated into the State of Himachal Pradesh as Mandi district on 15 April 1948 with an area of 2,950 square kilometres (1,140 sq mi).[citation needed]

Ruling family

Playing horn at Palace Temple. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India
Playing horn at Palace Temple. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India
Playing trumpet at temple. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Playing trumpet at temple. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

The rulers bore the title of Raja.[3][4]

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