Manharlal Pranlal Thakkar or M. P. Thakkar (born 4 November 1923, date of death unknown) was an Indian judge who was a Justice of the Supreme Court of India, and Chairman of Twelfth Law Commission of India.

Early life

Thakkar was born in Burma, British India in 1923. He studied in National High School, Basavanagudi and B.E.T. High School at Rangoon. He passed LL.B from Sir L.A. Shah Law College of Ahmedabad.[1] After the enrollment he started practice in the Indian High Courts in 1948.[citation needed]


Thakkar practised on Civil, Criminal, Income-Tax, Industrial Disputes and Company matters before the then Saurashtra High Court at Rajkot and Bombay High Court.[citation needed] He worked in the Gujarat High Court since 1960 to 1963.[citation needed] He was appointed the Judge in City Civil and Sessions Court on 23 January 1963. Thakkar also served as Special Judge and Additional Judge in the Gujarat High Court.[citation needed] He became the Permanent Judge of the same High Court on 27 November 1973. Thakkar was elevated to the post of Chief Justice, Gujarat High Court on 20 August 1981.[2][3] He was appointed a Justice of the Supreme Court of India in March 1983.[4] He was the head of the investigating Thakkar Commission for the Assassination of Indira Gandhi.[5][6]

Later life

After his retirement, Justice Thakkar was appointed Chairman of Twelfth Law Commission of India in 1988.[7][8] Thakkar is deceased.[9][10]


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