Manor Farm Swallet
The entrance to Manor Farm swallet
Map showing the location of Manor Farm Swallet
LocationSomerset, UK
OS gridST 4982 5566
Coordinates51°17′52″N 2°43′16″W / 51.297888°N 2.721039°W / 51.297888; -2.721039Coordinates: 51°17′52″N 2°43′16″W / 51.297888°N 2.721039°W / 51.297888; -2.721039
Depth179 metres (587 ft)
Length1,107 metres (3,632 ft)
Elevation233 metres (764 ft)
BRAC grade2
RegistryMendip Cave Registry[1]

Manor Farm Swallet is a cave in the limestone of the Mendip Hills, in Somerset, England which was subject to numerous failed digging attempts between 1947 and 1973 as the surface shafts kept collapsing. [2] In 1973 access to the cave was gained by an artificial shaft and walling it against collapse.[3]


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