LocaleMaple Grove, MN
Service typeCommuter bus, Dial-a-Ride[2]
Fleet19 x 45-passenger[2]
9 x 66-passenger
1 x 25-passenger
5 x 15-passenger
Daily ridership2,500[2]
OperatorMetro Transit and Midwest Paratransit Solutions[3]
WebsiteMaple Grove Transit

Maple Grove Transit is a suburban public transit provider in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota serving the city of Maple Grove. The service currently operates 5 express routes from Maple Grove to Downtown Minneapolis in the morning and return from Minneapolis to Maple Grove in the afternoon. An additional express route runs between the municipality and the University of Minnesota. One feeder route with timed transfers also connects with the Downtown express routes. Local flex service is provided by the agency, as well.

Maple Grove Transit is one of several "opt-out" public transit operations in the Twin Cities region which run their own services rather than rely on the area's primary provider, Metro Transit. MGT began operations in June 1990.[1]

Route list

A Maple Grove Transit bus
A Maple Grove Transit bus


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