Mapuche uprising of 1723
Part of Arauco War
DateMarch 9, 1723 – February 13, 1726

Parliament of Negrete

  • Mapuche-Spanish trade regulated through 3-4 fairs per year
  • Spanish merchants monopoly broken
Mapuche rebels Spanish Empire
Commanders and leaders
Vilumilla Gabriel Cano de Aponte
Manuel de Salamanca

The Mapuche uprising of 1723 was a rebellion of the Mapuche (an indigenous people of western South America) against the Spanish Empire and its colonial administration in present-day Chile. It began with the killing of Pascual Delgado by Mapuches and continued until Mapuche factions begun to sue for peace in 1725.[1][2] The Spanish reinforced the fort of Purén, and most of the Spanish managed to find refuge in the various forts without being intercepted or harassed by Mapuches.[3] On August Mapuche toki Vilumilla pushed north occupying Isla del Laja, that is the lands between Bío Bío and Laja rivers.[3] The Spanish led by Manuel de Salamanca attacked a Mapuche encampment of warriors August 24, a day of heavy rain. The Mapuche initially fought with tenacity but came to believe they were being surrounded so they fled the scene.[3]

Eventually, peace was established by treaty again on February 13, 1726 in the Parliament of Negrete.[2]


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