Maria Antonietta of Bourbon (Seville, November 17, 1729 - Turin, September 19, 1785), was Infanta of Spain and Queen of Piedmont-Sardinia.

She was the youngest daughter of Philip V of Spain and Elizabeth Farnese.

On May 31, 1750 she married in Oulx near Turin with Prince Victor Amadeus, the future King Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia.

They had twelve children including:

  1. Carlo Emanuele IV (1751-1819), married Marie Clotilde of France
  2. Marie Elizabeth Charlotte, (1752-1753)
  3. Marie Josephine Louise 1753-1810, married Louis XVIII of France
  4. Amedeus Alexander, Duke of Montferrat (1754-1755).
  5. Marie Thérèse (1756-1805), married Charles X of France
  6. Marie Anne (1757-1824), married her uncle Benedetto, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Chablais (1741-1808).
  7. Vittorio Emanuele I (1759-1824)
  8. Marie Christine Josephine (1760-1768)
  9. Maurizio Giuseppe Maria, Duke of Montferrat, (1762-b.1799) unmarried.
  10. Marie Caroline Antoniette (1764-1782) married Anton, later king of Saxony.
  11. Carlo Felice (1765–1831)
  12. Giuseppe Benedetto (1766-1802), Count of Moriana (-1796), and Asti (1796-1802).

Three of her sons became King of Piedmont-Sardinia, a daughter became Queen of France and an other of Saxony. Maria Antonia died in the Moncalieri castle near Turin and was buried in the Basilica of Superga.