Maria Renée Cura
Died12 July 2007
Occupation(s)Geographer, writer
AwardsPadma Shri

Maria Renée Cura was an Argentinian geographer, writer and Indologist.[1] She was the founder of Anand Bhavan, a centre for Indological studies, at her native place, Chivilcoy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, named after the present day Allahabad museum and the former residence of Nehru family.[2]


Cura authored several books, Islas Malvinas y Antártida Argentina,[3] Islas Malvinas y Antártida Argentina and Islas Malvinas, Georgias, Sandwich del Sur y Antártida Argentina being some of the notable ones.[4] She also translated the Letters to the Young People, a work by Indira Gandhi,[5] and started a magazine, India eterna y actual, in 1987 which became defunct after her death.[2] She was the president of the South Foundation, founded by Victoria Ocampo[6] and maintained close associations with the Argentinian intellectual and Indira Gandhi, the former prime minister of India.[7] The Government of India awarded her the fourth highest Indian civilian honour of Padma Shri in 1984.[8] Cura died on 12 July 2007.[9]

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