Mark Fredriksen (18 November 1936 – 25 August 2011) was a French extreme right figure and the founder, in 1966, of the neo-Nazi Fédération d'action nationaliste et européenne.


Fredriksen co-edited Notre Europe, which was the mouthpiece of the Revolutionary Nationalist Groups (GNR), a Third Position group headed by François Duprat, who later joined the National Front (FN).

He also stood as a candidate for the National Front (FN) at a time when the party sought out alliances with more radical groups due to the impact on their support that the Parti des forces nouvelles (PFN) was having.[1] Fredriksen was a strong critic of the PFN, arguing that they were just a more militant version of mainstream Gaullism.[2] As such Fredriksen was the FN candidate in Seine-Saint-Denis in the 1978 election where his 1.4% vote share was actually one of the higher results for the far right in an election in which they failed to prosper.[3] Fredriksen left the FN after the murder of François Duprat, feeling that Jean-Marie Le Pen was too 'soft' for his liking.[4]

Fredriksen's controversial opinions made him a target for direct attacks more than once. On September 19, 1980 Fredriksen and a group of his supporters were attacked at the Paris palace of justice by a group of people claiming to represent the Jewish Defense Organization. Fredriksen suffered a further attack on October 12 of that same year and had to be hospitalized.[5] He died on 25 August 2011.[6]



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