Marka is located in Malawi
Location in Malawi
Coordinates: 17°07′11.8″S 35°13′36.8″E / 17.119944°S 35.226889°E / -17.119944; 35.226889
Country Malawi
RegionSouthern Region
Time zone+2

Marka is a town[1] located in Nsanje District in Malawi. It is the southernmost location in the country, serving as a border post[2] for road and rail control between Malawi and Mozambique.[3][4]

The Mozambican town of Vila Nova de Fronteira is conurbed with Marka. In addition, Marka is part of a large conurbation zone that extends northwards, passing through the city of Nsanje to the city of Bangula.[citation needed]


The M1 road is the main source of transportation that connects the district to its neighboring district, Chikwawa. Before 2010, transportation to the lower shire district was difficult especially during rainy season.

The town had a railway station on the Sena railway, part of the Malawi Railways. The railway through Marka that connects Nsanje and Blantyre with Beira was severely disrupted by the Mozambique Civil War and remains closed. In the late 1990's, part of the railway was damaged at Chiromo bridge near Bangula. Due to this damage, the train station at Nsanje was closed.[4]


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