Ragini Maru of Sri Raga, from 1628 until 1685, Mewar, Rajasthan

Marva or Marwa (IAST: Mārvā) is one of the ten basic thaats of Hindustani music from the Indian subcontinent. It is also the name of a raga within this thaat.[1][2][page needed]


Marva thaat is obtained by adding a komal Rishabh to the Kalyan thaat. The mood of the Marva family of ragas is strongly and easily recognisable.


Other ragas in Marva thaat:[3]

According to O. Thakur[4] Pūrvā Kalyāṇa is Marwa with Pa and less emphasis on komal Re. R. Jha[5][full citation needed] treats Bhaṭiya as a mixture of Marwa and Maand.[6] There is only one Author (B. Subba Rao) mentioning a raga Māravā Gaurī, thus Moutal does not consider this an own form.[7] Aspects of Marwa are also incorporated in Mali Gaura.[8]


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