Maryland Library Association
FormationNovember 13, 1923; 100 years ago (1923-11-13)
Parent organization
American Library Association

The Maryland Library Association (MLA) is a professional organization for Maryland's librarians and library workers. It is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in November, 1923, in Baltimore, after a letter writing campaign by Charlotte Newell from the Maryland Public Library Advisory Commission.[1][2] MLA's first president was Louis Dielman from the Peabody Institute.[3] MLA was instrumental in supporting the creation of the graduate school of library science at the University of Maryland.[1] The organization has been incorporated as a non-profit since 1974.[1] The MLA's official newsletter is The CRAB.[4] MLA has a reciprocal arrangement with DCLA whereby members can participate in each other's events and conferences at membership rates.[5] In 1996, MLA established the Maryland Author Award to honor and promote local authors.[6]


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