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Masii is located in Kenya
Location of Masii
Coordinates: 1°28′S 37°26′E / 1.47°S 37.43°E / -1.47; 37.43Coordinates: 1°28′S 37°26′E / 1.47°S 37.43°E / -1.47; 37.43
Country Kenya
CountyMachakos County
 • Total2,501 [1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Masii is a small town in Kenya's Machakos County, Kenya. Myth has it that the settlent got its name from Storkbirds (Ngoto). It was narrated that Masii used to be inhibited by s certain tree Itungi which bears fruits that were a delicasy for this immigrating birds. Masii was their home escaping winter in Europe. When humans settled in Masii they cut the Itungi tree to the detriment of the immigrating birds. When they time to land in Masii came the birds found their paradise destroyed and they left wailing thina twooneie masii sii sii (the disaster we faced in Masii) and thus was the birth of the name of the settlement. It also marked their birth of a saying, warning people against disaster – "be careful not to experience what Ngoto (storkbird) experienced in Masii".

Towns in Machakos County

Town Population (2009) Rank in Kenya (population size)
Kangundo-Tala 218,557 9
Machakos 150,041 13
Athi River 139,380 15
Kathiani 3,365 195
Masii 2,501 211

* 2009 census. Source:[1]


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