In abstract algebra, a matrix ring is a set of matrices with entries in a ring R that form a ring under matrix addition and matrix multiplication.[1] The set of all n × n matrices with entries in R is a matrix ring denoted Mn(R)[2][3][4][5] (alternative notations: Matn(R)[3] and Rn×n[6]). Some sets of infinite matrices form infinite matrix rings. A subring of a matrix ring is again a matrix ring. Over a rng, one can form matrix rngs.

When R is a commutative ring, the matrix ring Mn(R) is an associative algebra over R, and may be called a matrix algebra. In this setting, if M is a matrix and r is in R, then the matrix rM is the matrix M with each of its entries multiplied by r.




Matrix semiring

In fact, R needs to be only a semiring for Mn(R) to be defined. In this case, Mn(R) is a semiring, called the matrix semiring. Similarly, if R is a commutative semiring, then Mn(R) is a matrix semialgebra.

For example, if R is the Boolean semiring (the two-element Boolean algebra R = {0, 1} with 1 + 1 = 1),[8] then Mn(R) is the semiring of binary relations on an n-element set with union as addition, composition of relations as multiplication, the empty relation (zero matrix) as the zero, and the identity relation (identity matrix) as the unity.[9]

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