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Matthias Giraud also known as "Super Frenchie" ( born on September 24, 1983) is a professional skier and B.A.S.E. jumper. He was born in Évreux, France and grew up skiing at St Gervais-les-Bains/ Megeve, France. His first highly publicized accomplishment was the first ski B.A.S.E. jump off Mississippi Head on Mount Hood, Oregon. Matthias Giraud started as a competitive ski racer, but moved on to freeskiing and later on big mountain skiing. Matthias Giraud is known for combining BASE jumping with skiing and completed several first descents and ski BASE jumps across the globe including the first ski BASE jump off the Matterhorn in Switzerland. He is also known for escaping an avalanche off Aiguille Croche in Megeve, France while performing a ski BASE jump with his friend Stefan Laude. Matthias Giraud currently lives in Bend, Oregon.

Career accomplishments

First person to ski BASE jump off the Matterhorn, Switzerland - First Wingsuit flight from the State of Washington, USA to the State of Oregon, USA

Ski BASE jump off the Eiger West wall into the North face, Switzerland; First ski BASE jump off Ingram Peak, Telluride, Colorado, USA

First Descent and ski BASE jump off Aiguille Croche, Megeve, France; First person to ski BASE jump off Ajax Peak, Telluride, Colorado, USA

CNN Headline News - Video segment Voted “Best of Year”; First person to ski BASE jump off Mount Hood, Oregon, USA; First descent and ski BASE jump off Engineer Mountain South Face, Colorado, USA; First BASE jump while wearing a 360 camera with Miles Daisher.

Cover of SKI magazine; 7th Stihl Colorado Freeride Series (Aspen, Colorado, USA); Semi-finalist US Extreme Freeskiing Championships (Crested Butte, Colorado, USA); Forerunner US Freeskiing Open (Telluride, USA)

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