Meat Light
Compilation album by
ReleasedNovember 4, 2016 (2016-11-04)
Recordedfrom October 1967 to February 1968, liner notes go into great equipment detail
LabelZappa Records
Catalog Number: ZR20024
ProducerGail Zappa, Joe Travers
Frank Zappa chronology
Meat Light
Chicago '78

Meat Light is a 3CD compilation of Frank Zappa's Uncle Meat recordings.[1][2][3][4][5] It is project/object #5 in a series of 40th Anniversary FZ Audio Documentaries, following MOFO (2006), Lumpy Money (2009), Greasy Love Songs (2010) and The Crux of the Biscuit (2016).

The album includes the original 1969 vinyl mix of "Uncle Meat" (without the film dialogue and "Tengo Na Minchia Tanta" which were added on the CD release in 1987), followed by the originally planned sequence of the tracks (which includes different edits and a longer version of the track "Cops & Buns" from The Lost Episodes) and outtakes.

Track listing

Disc One (Original 1969 Vinyl Mix)
1."Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme"1:56
2."The Voice of Cheese"0:26
3."Nine Types of Industrial Pollution"6:02
4."Zolar Czackl"0:54
5."Dog Breath, in the Year of the Plague"3:59
6."The Legend of the Golden Arches"3:27
7."Louie Louie (At the Royal Albert Hall in London)"2:18
8."The Dog Breath Variations"1:50
9."Sleeping in a Jar"0:50
10."Our Bizarre Relationship"1:05
11."The Uncle Meat Variations"4:46
12."Electric Aunt Jemima"1:46
13."Prelude to King Kong"3:39
14."God Bless America (Live at the Whisky A Go Go)"1:10
15."A Pound for a Brown on the Bus"1:29
16."Ian Underwood Whips It Out (Live on stage in Copenhagen)"5:09
17."Mr. Green Genes"3:13
18."We Can Shoot You"2:03
19."“If We’d All Been Living in California...”"1:14
20."The Air"2:57
21."Project X"4:49
22."Cruising for Burgers"2:18
23."King Kong Itself (as played by the Mothers in a studio)"0:51
24."King Kong (its magnificence as interpreted by Dom DeWild)"1:19
25."King Kong (as Motorhead explains it)"1:45
26."King Kong (the Gardner Varieties)"6:14
27."King Kong (as played by 3 deranged Good Humor Trucks)"0:37
28."King Kong (live on a flat bed diesel in the middle of a race track at a Miami Pop Festival... the Underwood ramifications)"7:24
Disc Two (Original Sequence)
1."Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague"2:55
2."The Legend Of The Golden Arches"3:16
3."The Voice Of Cheese"0:26
4."Whiskey Wah"1:34
5."Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution"6:03
6."Louie Louie (Live at the Royal Albert Hall in London)"2:27
7."The Dog Breath Variations"1:51
8."Shoot You Percussion Item"1:28
9."The Whip"5:03
10."The Uncle Meat Variations"4:47
11."King Kong"10:46
12."Project X Minus .5"1:47
13."A Pound For A Brown On The Bus"1:29
14."Electric Aunt Jemima"1:46
15."Prelude To King Kong"3:39
16."God Bless America (Live at the Whiskey A Go Go)"1:11
17."Sleeping In A Jar"0:51
18."Cops & Buns"5:56
19."Zolar Czakl"0:47
Disc Three (Original Sequence (continued): tracks 01-11/From the Vault: tracks 12-32)
1."We Can Not Shoot You"1:16
2."Mr. Green Genes"3:13
4."Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme"1:27
5."Our Bizarre Relationship"1:10
6."“Later We Can Shoot You”"0:15
7."“If We’d All Been Living In California…”"1:19
8."‘Ere Ian Whips It/JCB Spits It/Motorhead Rips It"2:30
9."The Air"2:58
10."Project X .5"2:38
11."Cruising For Burgers"2:23
12."“A Bunch Of Stuff”"1:40
13."Dog Breath (Single Version - Stereo)"2:55
15."The String Quartet*"3:06
16."Electric Aunt Jemima (Mix Outtake)"1:40
17."Exercise 4 Variant"4:32
18."Zolar Czackl (Mix Outtake)"0:45
19."“More Beer!”"0:17
20."Green Genes Snoop"1:13
21."Mr. Green Genes (Mix Outtake)"3:11
22."Echo Pie"2:16
23."1/4 Tone Unit"1:06
24."Sakuji’s March"0:35
25."No. 4*"1:52
26."Prelude To King Kong (Extended Version)*"5:24
27."Blood Unit*"1:22
28."My Guitar (Proto I- Excerpt)*"2:12
29."Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution (Guitar track, normal speed)"9:53
30."Uncle Meat (Live at Columbia University 1969)"4:44
31."Dog Breath (Instrumental)*"2:50
32."The Dog Breath Variations (Mix Outtake)"1:46



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