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Screenshot of MedCalc statistical software
Developer(s)MedCalc Software
Stable release
19.3 / May 24, 2020; 23 months ago (2020-05-24)[1]
Operating systemWindows
TypeStatistical analysis

MedCalc is a statistical software package designed for the biomedical sciences.[2][3][4] It has an integrated spreadsheet for data input and can import files in several formats (Excel, SPSS, CSV, ...).

MedCalc includes basic parametric and non-parametric statistical procedures and graphs such as descriptive statistics, ANOVA, Mann–Whitney test, Wilcoxon test, χ2 test, correlation, linear as well as non-linear regression, logistic regression, and multivariate statistics.[5]

Survival analysis includes Cox regression (Proportional hazards model) and Kaplan–Meier survival analysis.

Procedures for method evaluation and method comparison include ROC curve analysis,[6] Bland–Altman plot,[7] as well as Deming and Passing–Bablok regression.[8]

The software also includes reference interval estimation,[9] meta-analysis and sample size calculations.

The first DOS version of MedCalc was released in April 1993 and the first version for Windows was available in November 1996.

Version 15.2 introduced a user-interface in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and Spanish.


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