Medal for Gallantry
Αριστείο Ανδραγαθίας
Aristeion Andragathias
GR Metallio Andragathias.svg
Projected design for the medal
TypeMilitary decoration
Awarded forHeroic acts on the battlefield
Presented by Greece
Greek Medal for Gallantry.svg
Ribbon bar of the medal
Next (higher)Order of the Phoenix
Next (lower)Cross of Valour

The Medal for Gallantry (Greek: Αριστείο Ανδραγαθίας) is the highest military award of Greece. It was instituted in 1974,[2] but has neither been struck nor awarded yet.

This medal may be awarded for proven heroic acts on the battlefield, in the performance of ordered military action in which life was in obvious and immediate danger, or an act which greatly exceeds the performance of duty and draws the admiration and appreciation of superiors, subordinates or the public.


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