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The Megaversal system, sometimes known as the Palladium system, is a role-playing game system used in most role-playing games published by Palladium Books. It uses dice for roll-under percentile skill checks, roll-high combat checks and saving throws, and determination of damage sustained in melee encounters by which a character's hit points, Structural Damage Capacity (S.D.C.), or Mega-Damage Capacity (M.D.C.) is reduced accordingly.


Shannon Appelcline, in his book Designers & Dragons, states that the Megaversal system was a revamp of Palladium's AD&D-derived game system: "It was one part highly traditional – with its character classes, experience points and levels – and one part arcane – with its abbreviations like OCCs, RCCs, PCCs, PPE, SDC and MDC."[1]


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