Aerial view of the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct
Aerial view of the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct

The Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct is a series of sports stadiums and venues, located in Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia. The precinct is situated around 3 km east of the Melbourne city centre, located in suburbs of Melbourne and Jolimont, near East Melbourne and Richmond.

It is considered to be Australia's "premier sports precinct" and regularly hosts some of the biggest domestic and international sporting events, including the AFL Grand Final (Australian rules football), Australian Open (tennis) and Boxing Day Test (cricket). The venues have also previously hosted the 1956 Summer Olympics (for which the Precinct served as the Olympic Park) and 2006 Commonwealth Games.[1][2][3]

The precinct comprises three areas: Olympic Park, Melbourne Park and Yarra Park.

Sports venues and stadiums

Of the three Park precincts; Olympic Park, Melbourne Park and Yarra Park, the Olympic and Melbourne Parks are jointly managed by the Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust,[2] and Yarra Park is managed separately by the Melbourne Cricket Club.[4] The precinct is bordered to the north by Wellington Parade, to the east by Punt Road, to the south by the Yarra River, and to the west by Batman Avenue.

Olympic Park

See also: Olympic Park Oval and Olympic Park

Former venues

Melbourne Park

See also: Melbourne Park

Yarra Park

See also: Yarra Park

Former venues

1956 Olympic Games

For the 1956 Summer Olympics, several venues hosted Olympic events. The track cycling, field hockey, soccer, and the aquatic events.[3]


The precinct is located adjacent to both the Richmond and Jolimont railway stations; every train servicing the eastern side of Melbourne passes through one of these two stations. The precinct is also serviced by three tram routes from the city centre. Three footbridges are provided to cross the railway lines which divide the northern and southern halves of the precinct. The area in Yarra Park surrounding the Melbourne Cricket Ground is made available for ticketed car parking during major events in the precinct; free parking in the surrounding streets is available but limited.


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