Meron Getnet
ሜሮን ጌትነት
Personal details
BornAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
OccupationActress, political activist, journalist, poet

Meron Getnet is an Ethiopian actress, political activist, journalist and poet. She was known for her critique toward governmental stance during Meles Zenawi administration. A revered film and TV star in Ethiopia, she is best known for her role as Meaza Ashenafi in the critically acclaimed film Difret.[1]

Film career

Starting in 2013, Meron Getnet starred in the Ethiopian drama TV series Dana in which she played a reporter named Helina.[2]

Meron made her debut onto the international film scene in Difret in 2014, in which she plays Meron Ashenafi, a female lawyer who vigorously fights patriarchal tradition.[3]

In September 2014, at the premiere of Difret in Addis Ababa, the screening was abruptly cancelled due to a court order against its showing in Ethiopia. This left those in the audience stunned with Meron, who was in attendance, visibly distraught.[4]


Year Title Role
2014 Difret Meaza Ashenafi
2015 Yetekefelebet (የተከፈለበት)
2015 Tirafikua (ትራፊኳ)
Year Title Role
2010 Gemena
2013 Dana (ዳና) Helina
2014 Live@Sundance Herself


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