Mervinslaw Pele
LocationScottish Borders, Scotland
OS grid referenceNT 67177 11754
Built16th century
Former Listed Building – Category A
Designated16 March 1971
Delisted29 Oct 2015
Reference no.LB13886
Official nameMervinslaw Tower
Designated28 Feb 1948
Reference no.SM1717
Lintel and stonework at Mervinslaw pele house

Mervinslaw Pele, also known as Mervinslaw Tower, is a 16th-century castle in the Scottish Borders. It is mostly intact except for its roof.[1]

It is 7.77 metres (25.5 ft) by 6.5 metres (21 ft) with walls about 1.2 metres (3 ft 11 in) thick. It is two storeys tall, plus a garret. There are no stairs, and access was thought to be via ladders. There is no fireplace, but there is evidence of a hearth. There is evidence of other buildings existing nearby.[2]

It belonged to the Olivers.[3]

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