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MeC 164
Role Airliner
National origin Germany/France
Manufacturer Messerschmitt/Caudron
Produced 1942
Number built 1 (incomplete)

The Messerschmitt-Caudron MeC 164 was a prototype airliner built in 1942 by Messerschmitt and Caudron to compete with the Siebel Si 204. It did not enter mass production.

Design and development

The MeC 164 was designed in Germany by Messerschmitt as an 8-passenger airliner powered by two Argus As 411 inline engines as the Me 164. as designed, it was lighter than the Si 204, but was expected to have worse performance than the competing aircraft.[1] Once design work was completed, Messerschmitt handed it over to Caudron in Issy-les-Moulineaux, which began construction of the prototype in 1942 under the designation MeC 164 V1. However, construction of the prototype progressed slowly, and as a result the project was canceled.[1]

Specifications (MeC 164 V1)

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General characteristics


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