Michael Raeburn
Born22 January 1943 or 1948
Alma materUniversity of Rhodesia,London

Michael Raeburn (22 January 1943[1] or 1948[2]) is a Zimbabwean filmmaker.


Raeburn's mother was partly Egyptian and his father was British.[3] Born in Cairo, he lived in Rhodesia from the age of three. He studied at the University of Rhodesia, London and Aix-en-Provence.

After making his satirical 1969 film Rhodesia Countdown (Directors' Fortnight Cannes), he was declared a prohibited immigrant in Rhodesia, and spent twelve years in exile.[4]

Living in London, Raeburn met James Baldwin in 1974. The pair became friends, and on-off lovers, and in 1977 began working together on a movie adaptation of Giovanni's Room.[5] Marlon Brando agreed to play the part of Guillaume, and Robert De Niro also showed interest in the project. At Baldwin's 53rd birthday in 1977 guests were told that the film was going to be made. However, Raeburn eventually gave up the project, frustrated at financial demands made by Baldwin's agent.[6][7]




Museé Dapper, Paris, 2010 ; Festival de Douarnenez, France, 2011 ; Museum of Cinema, Munich, 2012 ; Jeu de Paume Museum, Paris, 2014


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