Michel Plancherel at the International Mathematical Congress, Zürich 1932

Michel Plancherel (16 January 1885, Bussy, Fribourg – 4 March 1967, Zurich) was a Swiss mathematician. He was born in Bussy (Fribourg, Switzerland) and obtained his Diplom in mathematics from the University of Fribourg and then his doctoral degree in 1907 with a thesis written under the supervision of Mathias Lerch. Plancherel was a professor in Fribourg (1911), and from 1920 at ETH Zurich.

He worked in the areas of mathematical analysis, mathematical physics and algebra, and is known for the Plancherel theorem[1] in harmonic analysis. He was an Invited Speaker of the ICM in 1924 at Toronto[2] and in 1928 at Bologna.

He was married to Cécile Tercier, had nine children, and presided at the Mission Catholique Française in Zürich.

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