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Micro Cornucopia
EditorDavid J. Thompson
CategoriesComputer magazines
First issueJuly 1981
Final issue
May 1990[1]
CountryUnited States
Based inBend, Oregon

Micro Cornucopia, sometimes shortened to Micro C, was a 1980s magazine for microcomputer hobbyists and enthusiasts. It was published in Bend, Oregon by former Tektronix engineer David J. Thompson.

The magazine, conceived as a newsletter for users of the Ferguson Big Board (a single-board CP/M computer), was published bi-monthly beginning in July 1981. It soon expanded its coverage to other board-level computers, the Kaypro computer, and general hobbyist/experimental computing, with special interest areas being robotics, interfacing, embedded systems and programming languages. The magazine routinely published circuit diagrams and source code.

Micro C carried articles on a wide range of subjects, some system-specific and newsletter-like, but also covering (then) off-mainstream topics, e.g. 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, or the special needs of disabled users. They published a 32-page catalog of CP/M and MS-DOS software, cover date Fall/Winter 1986, describing it as the second, the first having been the Spring issue.

The publishers of Micro C organized free annual user conference dubbed "SOG" (Semi-Official Get-together) in Oregon.

Final issue

In issue 53, May 1990, Thompson wrote, "I'm closing down Micro C and I don't know what I'll be doing next."[1] He explained his loss of interest in the magazine, and subscribers were offered the choice to switch to one of several other magazines, including Computer Language.



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