Candidatus Midichloriaceae
Scientific classification
Candidatus Midichloriaceae

Montagna et al. 2013[1]
  • "Candidatus Aquirickettsia" corrig. Klinges et al. 2019
  • "Candidatus Bandiella" Senra et al. 2016
  • "Candidatus Cyrtobacter" Vannini et al. 2010
  • "Candidatus Defluviella" Boscaro et al. 2013
  • "Candidatus Fokinia" Szokoli et al. 2016
  • "Candidatus Grelliella" corrig. Gruber-Vodicka et al. 2019
  • "Candidatus Jidaibacter" Schulz et al. 2016
  • "Candidatus Midichloria" Sassera et al. 2006

"Candidatus Midichloriaceae" is a family of bacteria, included in the order Rickettsiales.[2] No member of this family has been cultured in the laboratory, so the entire family has been given the status candidatus.


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