Midrash Iyyob (Hebrew: מדרש איוב) or Midrash to Job is an aggadic midrash that is no longer extant.


Explicit reference to the source Midrash Iyyob are found in relation to Job 1:14,[1] to Job 1:6,[2] to Job 1:1 and 4:12,[3] to Job 7:9,[4] to Job 2:1 [?],[5] and to Job 4:10.[6] In addition, the quotes found in the Yalkut Makiri to Psalms 61:7 and 146:4 with the source-reference "Midrash" and referring to Job 3:2 and 38:1 may be taken from Midrash Iyyob, as may be many passages in the Job commentaries of Samuel b. Nissim Masnuth[7] and Isaac b. Solomon.[8] The extracts and quotations from Midrash Iyyob have been collected by Wertheimer.[9]


Strack & Stemberger (1991) cite an opinion attributing Midrash Iyyov to the amora Hoshaiah Rabbah (3rd century), although this dating is uncertain.


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