Midwest Independent Conference
Sports fielded
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    • women's: 1
RegionMidwest & South U.S.
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois

The Midwest Independent Conference (MIC) is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I, II and III women's gymnastics conference.[citation needed] The MIC was established in 1991 for schools that sponsor women's gymnastics teams, but do not have women's gymnastics as a sponsored sport in their primary conferences. The NCAA championships in women's gymnastics is a non-divisional championship; meaning athletes or teams from any division can qualify.

Although the conference has five teams, they are from all three divisions, and it is not recognized by the NCAA.[citation needed]


Institution Location Founded Enrollment Division Joined Nickname Primary Conference
Centenary College of Louisiana Shreveport, Louisiana 1825 650 III 2001[1] Ladies Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (Division III)
Illinois State University Normal, Illinois 1857 20,500 I 1991[2] Redbirds Missouri Valley Conference
Lindenwood University St. Charles, Missouri 1827 17,400 II 2012[3] Lions Great Lakes Valley Conference (Division II)
Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau, Missouri 1873 10,400 I 1991[4] Redhawks Ohio Valley Conference
Texas Woman's University Denton, Texas 1901 14,200 II 2002 or 2003[5] Pioneers Lone Star Conference (Division II)

Former members

Institution Nickname Location Division Joined Last Year Current Conference
Northern Illinois University Huskies DeKalb, Illinois I 1991 or 1992 1997 Mid-American Conference
University of Illinois at Chicago Flames Chicago, Illinois I 1991[6] 2019 Program eliminated after 2019 season
Winona State University Warriors Winona, Minnesota III 2003 Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Conference champions

Sources: UIC Women's gymnastics archives [7], Google MIC website [8]

Year Champion Score Host
2021 Lindenwood 195.575 Illinois State
2020 Lindenwood*
2019 Illinois Chicago (tie) 195.350 Centenary
Lindenwood (tie)
2018 Lindenwood 195.225 Lindenwood
2017 Lindenwood 194.675 Illinois Chicago
2016 Lindenwood 194.925 Southeast Missouri
2015 Lindenwood 195.800 Texas Woman's
2014 Southeast Missouri 195.275 Illinois State
2013 Illinois Chicago 195.600 Centenary
2012 Illinois State 194.800 Illinois Chicago
2011 Southeast Missouri 193.775 Southeast Missouri
2010 Texas Woman's 193.275 Texas Woman's
2009 Southeast Missouri 193.825 Illinois State
2008 Illinois Chicago 193.850 Centenary
2007 Illinois Chicago 193.900 Illinois Chicago
2006 Texas Woman's 193.200 Southeast Missouri
2005 Illinois Chicago 194.200 Texas Woman's
2004 Illinois Chicago 194.200 Illinois State
2003 Illinois Chicago 196.575 Centenary
2002 Illinois Chicago 196.250 Illinois Chicago
2001 Illinois State 193.700 Winona State
2000 Illinois Chicago 194.000 Southeast Missouri
1999 Illinois Chicago 193.900 N/A
1998 Illinois Chicago 193.475 N/A
1997 Southeast Missouri 194.950 N/A
1996 Southeast Missouri 191.925 N/A
1995 Illinois Chicago 195.525 N/A
1994 Illinois Chicago 190.700 N/A
1993 Northern Illinois 189.500 N/A
1992 Northern Illinois 189.150 N/A
1991 Southeast Missouri 190.150 N/A

* The 2020 season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the conference championship (scheduled to take place at Illinois State) did not occur. The regular season title was determined by National Qualifying Score (NQS).

Conference awards

Athlete of the Year

Year Name Institution
2021 Angelica Labat Illinois State
2020 Anna Kaziska Southeast Missouri
2019 Kayla Baddeley Illinois Chicago
2018 Gabrielle Cooke Illinois State
2017 Mikailla Northern Illinois Chicago
2016 Alexis Brawner Southeast Missouri
2015 Valeri Ingui Lindenwood
2014 Catherine Dion Illinois Chicago
2013 Chantel Turk Illinois Chicago
2012 Andrea Skala Illinois Chicago
2011 Erica Schick Illinois State
2010 Rashonda Cannie Texas Woman's
2009 Rikara Turner Southeast Missouri
2008 Annie Kachman Illinois Chicago
2007 Annie Kachman Illinois Chicago
2006 Sandra Blake Southeast Missouri
2005 Tara Boldt Southeast Missouri
Jennifer O'Neil Illinois Chicago

Senior Athlete of the Year

Year Name Institution
2021 Sierra Ponder Centenary
2020 Cami Bea Austin Centenary
Gabrielle Cooke Illinois State
Ryan Henry Lindenwood
2019 Mikailla Northern Illinois Chicago
2018 Schyler Jones Texas Woman's
Kierstin Sokolowski Lindenwood
2017 Ashley Thomas Southeast Missouri
2016 Amanda Mohler Illinois State
2015 Spencer Jones Texas Woman's
2014 Catherine Dion Illinois Chicago
2013 Tori Sarantakis Illinois State
2012 Andrea Skala Illinois Chicago
2011 Christina Sundgren Southeast Missouri
2010 Andrea Orris Illinois State
2008 Meredith Smith Centenary
2007 Courtney Arno Texas Woman's
2006 Veronique Meunier Illinois Chicago
2005 Jackie Jaworowicz Illinois Chicago

Newcomer of the Year

Year Name Institution
2021 Madeline Gose Texas Woman's
2020 Angelica Labat Illinois State
2019 Anna Kaziska Southeast Missouri
2018 Kayla Baddeley Illinois Chicago
2017 Bria Northrup Texas Woman's
2016 Mikailla Northern Illinois Chicago
2015 Schyler Jones Texas Woman's
Kierstin Sokolowski Lindenwood
2014 Alyssa Tucker Southeast Missouri
2013 Taylor Penzien Southeast Missouri
2012 Spencer Jones Texas Woman's
2011 Cynthia Lemieux-Guilemette Illinois Chicago
2010 Chantel Turk Illinois Chicago
2009 Rashonda Cannie Texas Woman's
2008 DeAvera Todd Illinois Chicago
2007 Rikara Turner Southeast Missouri
2006 Sandra Blake Southeast Missouri
2005 Alison Ezell Southeast Missouri
Ashley Howe Illinois Chicago

Woman of the Year

Year Name Institution
2021 Kyndall Baze Lindenwood
2020 Dorothy Mims Centenary
2019 Erin Alderman Texas Woman's

Nominees for Woman of the Year must have a minimum of a 3.25 GPA and have been a member of the gymnastics team for three years. The candidate must also write a personal statement of 250 words or fewer about how her experiences as a scholar, an athlete and a leader, on her campus and in the community, have influenced her life and empowered her to have a positive impact on the world.

Sylvia Keiter Memorial Award

Year Name Institution
2021 Aleah Turon Lindenwood
2020 Sierra Ponder Centenary
2019 Mikailla Northern Illinois Chicago

The Sylvia Keiter Memorial Award was established in 2019 in memory of the former Centenary gymnast, who was tragically killed while stopped to help a motorist in need. It recognizes the athlete who best exemplifies the characteristics of work ethic, dedication, encouragement, loyalty, selflessness, leading vocally and by example, and making a positive impact on everyone she meets.

Head Coach of the Year

Year Name Institution
2021 Ashley Lawson Southeast Missouri
2020 Ashley Lawson Southeast Missouri
2019 Mary Jansson Illinois Chicago
Peter Jansson
2018 Jen Llewellyn (née Kesler) Lindenwood
2017 Lisa Bowerman Texas Woman's
2016 Jen Kesler Lindenwood
2015 Jen Kesler Lindenwood
2014 Lisa Bowerman Texas Woman's
2013 Jackie Fain Centenary
2012 Mary Jansson Illinois Chicago
Peter Jansson
2011 Frank Kudlac Texas Woman's
2010 Frank Kudlac Texas Woman's
2009 Tom Farden Southeast Missouri
2008 Tom Farden Southeast Missouri
2007 Tom Farden Southeast Missouri
2006 Tom Farden Southeast Missouri
2005 Mary Jansson Illinois Chicago
Peter Jansson

Assistant Coach of the Year

Year Name Institution
2021 Megan Harrington Illinois State
Chris Muras
2020 Kristen Harold Texas Woman's
Stephen Hood
2019 Becky Colvin Lindenwood
Brittany Harris
Cody Llewellyn
2018 Jeffrey Langenstein Lindenwood
Ashley Lawson
2017 Garrett Griffeth Texas Woman's
2016 Jennifer Langley (née Grabowski) Lindenwood
2015 Jennifer Grabowski Lindenwood
2014 Sarah Brown Southeast Missouri
2012 Josh Nilson Texas Woman's
2011 Lisa Bowerman Texas Woman's
Jessie Kinder Southeast Missouri
2010 Lisa Bowerman Texas Woman's
Jimmy Wickham Southeast Missouri
2009 Steve Avgerinos Illinois State
2008 Brogan Jacobsen Southeast Missouri
2007 Lisa Bowerman Texas Woman's
Brogan Jacobsen Southeast Missouri
2006 Steve Avgerinos Illinois State
2005 Jackie Fain Centenary

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