Mike Allred
Allred in 2014
BornMichael Dalton Allred
1962 (age 61–62)
Roseburg, Oregon, U.S.
Notable works
AwardsInkpot Award
(m. 1981)

Michael Dalton "Mike" Allred (born 1962) is an American comic book artist and writer. He is most well known for his independent comics creation Madman and for co-creating and drawing the comic book series iZombie. His work often draws upon pop art, as well as commercial and comic art of the 1950s and 1960s.

Early life

Michael Dalton Allred was born in 1962[1] in Roseburg, Oregon.[2] His father, Dale Leroy Allred (May 20, 1926 – October 5, 2007),[3] was born in Portland, Oregon. He was a psychologist and professor at Umpqua Community College and the University of Oregon, and received a Doctor of Philosophy in 1959 at Purdue University.[4] Allred's mother, RaeBell Jenkins (née Bird; July 19, 1934 – February 17, 2014), was born in Bluebell, Utah. The two married in December 1951 in Salt Lake City, Utah.[5] In 1973, Allred's parents divorced, and he stayed with his father in Eugene, Oregon, while his brothers and mother moved to Utah.[6] In 1980, he attended Ricks College as an art major but switched to broadcasting fearing that he couldn't make a living as an artist.[1]


Mike Allred began his career as a radio host on KYES AM 950 (KY95) in Roseburg, Oregon. He later became a television reporter in Europe, and started drawing comics in 1989 with the 104-page graphic novel Dead Air (Slave Labor Graphics). The story loosely followed his stint in radio as a sidebar to the true focus of the novel, the effects of post-nuclear war over a small Oregon town. He followed this up with his similarly titled works Graphique Musique (1990) and Grafik Muzik (Caliber Comics 1990–1991), in which he set out the style that he was to become known for with his most famous character, Madman.[7]

Madman first appeared as Frank Einstein in Creatures of the Id and Grafik Muzik published in 1990, but it wasn't until March 1992 that the first Madman miniseries debuted from Tundra Publishing in March 1992.[8] The series gained further recognition with its move to Dark Horse Comics in April 1994,[9] where it was relaunched as Madman Comics and went on to be nominated for several Harvey Awards.[10] Madman Comics ran for 20 issues and ended in 2000. From 2007 to 2009, Image Comics published Madman: Atomic Comics for 17 issues.[8]

Allred drew part of the 1993 "Worlds' End" story arc in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series.[11][12]

Allred appeared as himself in the 1997 feature film Chasing Amy as part of the opening scene at a comic book convention, signing copies of his comic Madman. He also provides the artwork for the fictional comic book Bluntman and Chronic.[8]

Allred himself gained further mainstream attention with the science-fiction/rock-and-roll comic Red Rocket 7[9] (Dark Horse, 1997) and his art for writer Peter Milligan's series X-Force, which he began drawing in July 2001,[13] and subsequently became X-Statix.[14] In 2000, AAA Pop published Allred's The Atomics, featuring a group of beatniks with superpowers.[8] Issue #116 of X-Force, the first collaboration between Allred and Milligan, was the first Marvel comic book to not have the Comics Code Authority stamp of approval since 1971.[8]

In 2004 and 2005, Allred wrote and drew The Golden Plates, an adaptation of the Book of Mormon. Allred is a Latter-Day Saint, and completed much of the work on this project in collaboration with his wife Laura Allred.[6]

Allred seated, drawing
Allred sketching in 2010

Allred worked again with Neil Gaiman in 2009 on the Metamorpho feature in Wednesday Comics.[15][16] The Madman All-New Giant-Size Super-Ginchy Special! was published in April 2011.[17] Allred and writer Matt Fraction crafted a Fantastic Four spinoff series, FF, in 2013.[18][19] The following year, Allred and writer Dan Slott launched a new Silver Surfer series at Marvel.[20] His comic book series iZombie, which ran from 2010 to 2012, was adapted into a 2015 television series of the same name.[21] Allred drew the 1960s variant cover for Action Comics #1000 (June 2018).[22]

His wife, Laura, frequently works as his colorist.[23][24]

Personal life

Allred was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He considers himself a Mormon, though a liberal-leaning one, and has stated that he still identifies with the beliefs. He considers the Book of Mormon to be a phenomenal and fascinating story irrespective of its factual accuracy.[6]


Allred's retro-styled artwork is a frequent nominee for comics awards such as the Harveys, the Eisners, and the Eagles. In his career, he has received:


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