Milano linea M5.svg
Linea 5 lilla - metropolitana di Milano - Stazione Garibaldi.JPG
Garibaldi FS station
LocaleMilan, Italy
San Siro Stadio
TypeRapid transit
SystemMilan Metro
Operator(s)Azienda Trasporti Milanesi
Rolling stockAnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro
Daily ridership130,000 (October 2015)[1]
Opened10 February 2013[2]
Line length12.9 km (8.0 mi)[3][4]
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge
Electrification750 V DC third rail
Operating speed30 km/h (19 mph) (average)
80 km/h (50 mph) (maximum)
Route map
Milano mappa M5 2015-11-14.svg

Line 5 is a 12.8-kilometre (8.0 mi)[3] underground rapid transit line in Milan, Italy. The line is part of the Milan Metro and serves the north-eastern part of the city. Line 5 opened in stages between 2013 and 2015[2][5][4][6]

The line operates using AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro vehicles, the same type used on the Copenhagen Metro.[7][8]


The fully underground line, 12.8-kilometre (8.0 mi) long with 19 stations, runs from San Siro Stadio to Bignami in less than 26 minutes.[9]

Station Name Transfer Opening
Bignami 10 February 2013
Ca’ Granda
Zara Milano linea M3.svg
Isola 1 March 2014
Garibaldi FS Milano linea M2.svg

Milano S1.svg Milano S2.svg Milano S5.svg Milano S6.svg Milano S7.svg Milano S8.svg Milano S11.svg Milano S12.svg Milano S13.svg


Monumentale 11 October 2015[10]
Cenisio 20 June 2015[11]
Gerusalemme 26 September 2015[10]
Domodossola Milano S3.svg Milano S4.svg
29 April 2015
Tre Torri 14 November 2015
Portello 6 June 2015[11]
Lotto Milano linea M1.svg 29 April 2015
San Siro Ippodromo
San Siro Stadio




The company responsible for construction works and operation is Metro 5 S.p.A., a consortium of:[12]

Metro 5 will cover 40% of global construction costs, and will operate the line for 27 years since opening.[12]

Rolling stock

Main article: Hitachi Rail Italy Driverless Metro

AnsaldoBreda driverless train in service in Milan.
AnsaldoBreda driverless train in service in Milan.

The line uses 21 four-car articulated driverless trains from AnsaldoBreda[13] (now Hitachi Rail Italy), part of the AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro system.

Classified Series 5500, they were designed by Giugiaro, and are about 50 meters (160 ft) long,[14] 2.65 meters (8 ft 8 in) wide, with seating for 96 and a maximum capacity 536 passengers.[15]

The systems are controlled by a fully automated computer system, located at the control and maintenance center.

Future extensions

A northern extension from Bignami to Monza has been approved. It will consist of 11 new stations and the opening is foreseen in 2027.[16]

Station Name Transfer Grade
Testi-Gorky Underground
Rondinella-Crocetta Underground
Lincoln Underground
Bettola Milano linea M1.svg Underground
Campania Underground
Marsala Underground
Monza Fs Milano S7.svg Milano S8.svg Milano S9.svg Milano S11.svg
Trento e Trieste Underground
Villa Reale-Parco di Monza Underground
Ospedale San Gerardo Underground
Polo istituzionale Underground

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