JR East 185 EMU "Minakami".JPG
185-200 series EMU on a Minakami service, December 2006
Service typeLimited express
First service1964 (Semi express)
1997 (Limited express)
Last service2010
Current operator(s)JR East
Line(s) usedTōhoku Main Line, Takasaki Line, Joetsu Line
Rolling stock651 series EMUs
Operating speed110 km/h (70 mph)[1]

The Minakami (水上) was a limited express train service in Japan operated by the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) between Ueno in Tokyo and Minakami in Gunma Prefecture.[2]


The Minakami service (written in hiragana as "みなかみ") began as a semi-express service between Ueno and Minakami from 1 October 1964. This operated until 30 September 1965, after which the train was renamed Okutone.[3]

The name was revived from 1 October 1997 (this time written in kanji as "水上") following the renaming of the former Tanigawa limited express service.[2]

From the start of the revised timetable on 4 December 2010, the Minakami will cease to be a regular service, operating only during busy seasons.[4]

Rolling stock

Services are formed of 7-car 651 series EMU formations, sometimes coupled with Akagi services.[1]


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