Mindanao Avenue

Road sign used in Quezon City
Looking south towards Tandang Sora Avenue
Part of
  • C-5 C-5 from NLEX to Congressional Avenue
  • N128 from North Avenue to P. Dela Cruz Street[1]
Maintained byDepartment of Public Works and Highways - Quezon City 1st District Engineering Office[2] and Metro Manila 3rd District Engineering Office[3]
LocationQuezon City, Valenzuela, and Caloocan
North endMGM Road in Kaybiga, Caloocan
Future: General Luis Street in Kaybiga, Caloocan
South end AH 26 (N1) (EDSA) in Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City

Mindanao Avenue (Filipino: Abenida Mindanao) is an eight-to-ten lane divided avenue connecting EDSA and NLEX and is a part of Circumferential Road 5 (C-5) in Metro Manila, Philippines. It is one of the three parallel roads that connects Tandang Sora and Congressional Avenues (Visayas Avenue and Luzon Avenue were the others); that is why it was named after the southernmost mainland of the Philippines, Mindanao. It used to be a 2-kilometer (1.2 mi) highway connecting North Avenue and Congressional Avenue, but as a part of the C-5 projects, Mindanao Avenue was extended to EDSA in the south and to Quirino Highway to the north. The new roads opened in 2000.[citation needed]

Another road also named Mindanao Avenue, also in Quezon City, starts in Barangay Santa Monica, crosses Commonwealth Avenue and Regalado Highway, and terminates at a dead end at School of Saint Anthony in Barangay Greater Lagro, Quezon City. That road is not in any way connected to the original Mindanao Avenue but was planned to be the one and the same road according to the 1949 Master Plan for Quezon City. It would have connected the Diliman Quadrangle to the La Mesa Watershed area.[4]

Mindanao Avenue replaced some segments of Tandang Sora Avenue belonging to C-5; Tandang Sora has no access to North Luzon Expressway.[5] NLEX Segment 8.1, also known as the NLEX Mindanao Avenue Link, began construction afterwards.

In 2017, DPWH has resumed construction of the 3.2-kilometer (2.0 mi) Mindanao Avenue Extension Project, after being halted for years due to road right-of-way issues, notably involving residential areas. A total of 1.4-kilometer (0.87 mi) portion of the road was earlier completed and opened since 2014. In June 2018, DPWH has opened additional 700-meter (2,300 ft) portion from P. Dela Cruz Street to the current end at MGM Road.[6] The road will be extended further until it meets General Luis Street in North Caloocan.


Mindanao Avenue Tunnel crossing Quirino Highway
Ongoing construction of Mindanao Avenue Extension towards to General Luis Street. Taken on 25 March 2023
Quezon City AH 26 (N1) (EDSA)Southern terminus. Accessible from EDSA via northbound lane only.
N173 (North Avenue)Traffic light intersection. Former terminus before extension to EDSA; southern terminus of N128 designation and DPWH maintenance. No thru traffic allowed from northbound.
Road 1Southbound only.
Alley 14Southbound only.
Alley 15Southbound only.
Road 8
Road 1
Both roads accessible on either side via U-Turn slots.
Road 3
Road 16
Both roads accessible on either side via U-Turn slots.
Cattleya StreetBoth segments accessible via U-Turn slots.
Bongavilla StreetNorthbound only.
N129 (Congressional Avenue)Traffic light intersection. C-5 segment of Mindanao Avenue starts here.
Calla Lily StreetNorthbound only.
Road 20Both segments accessible via U-Turn slots.
Tandang Sora AvenueBoth segments accessible via U-Turn slots.
Rosal StreetNorthbound only.
Ruby StreetSouthbound only.
Longines StreetNorthbound only.
Saint Charbel StreetSouthbound only.
Don Jose StreetNorthbound only.
Rosal StreetSouthbound only.
Don Vicente StreetNorthbound only.
Science RoadNorthbound only.
Old Sauyo RoadBoth segments accessible via U-Turn slots.
South end of Mindanao Avenue Tunnel
Champaca StreetBoth segments accessible via U-Turn slots.
N127 (Quirino Highway)Former terminus.
Palmera StreetNorthbound only.
North end of Mindanao Avenue Tunnel
Oliva Road, Magnolia Street
Sabila Street, Socorro Street
Southbound only.
Biglang-Awa StreetNorthbound only.
ValenzuelaMaya StreetSouthbound only.
E5 (NLEX Harbor Link)Traffic light intersection. C-5 segment of Mindanao Avenue ends here.
Darlucio Street
B. Juan Street
Both roads accessible via U-Turn slots.
Lazaro StreetSouthbound only.
Tatalon StreetSouthbound only.
P. Dela Cruz StreetNorthbound only. Northern terminus of N128 designation.[1]
Sto. Rosario StreetSouthbound only.
CaloocanMGM RoadCurrent terminus.
N118 (General Luis Street)Future terminus.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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